You might not immediately connect the dots of '50s, '60s and '70s singing star Trini Lopez when you think of modern day rockers Foo Fighters, but with Lopez's death Tuesday (Aug. 11), Dave Grohl revealed there is a significant tie in his career to Lopez.

In a series of tweets, Dave Grohl revealed that every album the Foo Fighters have recorded has included the use of his signature 1967 red Trini Lopez guitar.

"Today the world sadly lost yet another legend, Trini Lopez. Trini not only left a beautiful musical legacy of his own, but also unknowingly helped shape the sound of the Foo Fighters from day one," explained Grohl. "Every album we have ever made, from the first to the latest, was recorded with my red 1967 Trini Lopez signature guitar. It is the sound of our band, and my most prized possession from the day I bought it in 1992. Thank you, Trini for all of your contributions. You will be missed by many, remembered by all. RIP Trini Lopez"

Lopez was a pop singer and guitarist who started his career in 1958 with the song "The Right to Rock." He would score his first big hit taking the Pete Seeger classic "If I Had a Hammer" to No. 3 in 1963. Over his lengthy career, he'd also score hits with the songs "Kansas City," "Lemon Tree" and "I'm Coming Home Cindy." His last released single came in 1978.

Lopez also crossed over to other media, leading a Trini Lopez variety special for NBC in 1969, making guest appearances on TV shows and acting in a handful of films including The Dirty Dozen and Antonio. Lopez died Tuesday (Aug. 11) in Palm Springs, California from Covid-19 complications at the age of 83.

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