Dave Grohl has delivered on a recent promise to share "true short stories" from his life with a combustible tale about his love for fireworks and a neighborhood Independence Day barbecue. The saga dates back to 1998, around the time Foo Fighters were recording their third album There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

The account represents the debut narrative from Dave's True Stories, and it certainly packs a wallop. The Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer launched the Instagram destination this week to communicate with fans during the live music industry's standstill in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Read the complete short story below by swiping through the Instagram post down toward the bottom of this page.

In the anecdote, Grohl recalls his fascination with fireworks that dates back to his childhood in Virginia. From there, readers get transported to the era when the musician returned to his home state following the first two Foo Fighters albums. It was then that the band made a record in a new home Grohl had purchased.

But before that could occur, the group needed a recording console. Subsequently, Grohl and a friend made their way to Nashville to pick up an API board the rocker had located. On the way back, they stopped at a roadside fireworks store, and the musician stocked up on some festive pyrotechnic devices.

That July 4, Grohl went to his mother's house to celebrate, bringing with him one of his recently procured fireworks. He then joined an outdoor celebration with his mom, sister and surrounding neighbors. As the musician tells it, the Grohl family were initially shy to participate. Still, as things loosened up, the Foo Fighters figurehead eventually suggested to a neighborhood dad that they try out his fireworks for the assembled residents.

Unfortunately — and explosively — that's where it all went wrong

"Have you ever seen Apocalypse Now?" Grohl asks. "What happened next can only be described as a 'worst-case scenario.'"

He continues, "Silly old me didn't stabilize the damn thing before I lit it … and it tipped over, facing the crowd, with two more rounds in the chamber. Need I say more? Lawn chairs flying. Grandmas running. Children screaming. Dads in shorts scattering. Ears ringing from the deafening sound of a thousand explosions all around us. Panic. Chaos. Mayhem. Anarchy. Terror."

Talk about an Independence Day to remember. It certainly must have made an impression on the musician for it to be the first tidbit shared as part of Dave's True Stories. But, as entertaining as the story is, it concludes on somewhat of a bittersweet note for the Foo Fighters icon.

"I've never to this day touched another firework," Grohl explains. "Never stopped when passing one of those billboards on a windy, country road. But I still long for my old neighborhood. My sweet Virginia."

Last week, Foo Fighters postponed some of their 25th Anniversary "Van Tour" in light of current events. The outfit recently completed a new album — one in which Grohl said the group was taunted by ghosts while recording.

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