Get ready to be moved. If Three Days Grace's lyrics don't already move you enough, the video below most certainly will. During a recent show in Edmonton this past week, a woman was spotted in the crowd signing the lyrics of "Just Like You" from the band's performance to her father. Luckily, someone in the crowd caught this moment and shared it online.

Facebook user Jules Maria posted the clip on Thursday (Dec. 13), a day after the concert, and it has since gone on to be viewed more than 8.3 million times, shared nearly 160,000 times and drawn more than 200,000 reactions and 12,000 comments according to the Edmonton Journal.

“We couldn’t care less about what was happening on stage, watching them was absolutely mesmerizing,” Maria wrote of the father-daughter duo. Meanwhile, Three Days Grace also noticed the posting, retweeting it with the caption, "This is amazing!" Watch the video below.

As you might expect, the post has generated plenty of positive comments. "That is beautiful and amazing. What an awesome close band between father and daughter," tweeted fan Dawn Matthews. "This Edmonton daughter is money. Any kid raised this well is a success story," added Don Anderson. Jr. "I love this so much. Music moves us all," concludes Twitter follower Tanya Chambers.

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