Heavy metal has long been steeped in vivid imagery, often of the dark nature focusing in on themes of the apocalypse, death, murder, Satan and so much more. But what are the most metal words ever? One data scientist got to the bottom of this burning question and not only found the most metal words, but also the least!

Using the website Dark Lyrics as the source for heavy metal lyrics, one blogger at Degenerate State compiled lyrics from 222,623 songs taken from 7,364 bands and 22,314 albums in total. The words from these lyrics were then set against the Brown Corpus Manual, which was published in 1964 and revised in 1979 and contains documents as a litmus for common, everyday usage of the English language.

This study takes the frequency of a word appearing in metal lyrics and divides them by the frequency of the same word as it appears in the Brown Corpus Manual. After digesting all of the data, the results were in.

The 10 most metal words are as follows, starting with the most:

1. Burn
2. Cries
3. Veins
4. Eternity
5. Breathe
6. Beast
7. Gonna
8. Demons
9. Ashes
10. Soul

The 10 least metal words starting with the absolute least of all are:

1. Particularly
2. Indicated
3. Secretary
4. Committee
5. University
6. Relatively
7. Noted
8. Approximately
9. Chairman
10. Employees

For further details on how the experiment was conducted, more of the most and least metal words as well as a plot chart depicting the correlation between frequency of curse words and word complexity, click here.

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