Lillieann Dawson, a 22-year-old dancer recently started sharing her progress as she trains to hopefully become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Dawson said that her dream is to cheer for the Cowboys, and she is planning to attend the auditions that will be held in May of 2022. This will be her third time auditioning, and she decided that posting her progress on TikTok would be a great way to share how she trains as well as get feedback from those that may be more knowledgeable about becoming a Cowboys cheerleader.

She started posting her progress on day one. That first day was spent rehearsing the kick line that the cheerleaders are known for. That video received over 150,000 views and received many great comments with advice from some former cheerleaders.

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That first video was followed up with a post showing Dawson’s progress on the kick line of day 5 of practicing. You can already see improvements in her stamina as well as having a smile that makes the kicks look much easier than they actually are. This video gained more traction than the first one, sitting at nearly 600,000 views.

The most recent video was just posted this morning and covers a different side of her training process. Rather than showing the physical process, she shared a bit of the mental side of preparing for her audition. She spoke about their My Cause My Boots Campaign, which is something that the cheerleaders want to share and help bring awareness to. Dawson chose to speak on her experience as a dancer and how eating disorders impact the dance community. I give her big props for talking about something that can be considered controversial, and I hope the judges at her audition are responsive to it.

If you are also a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader hopeful, or you have experience in this area, then I highly suggest checking out her page for some inspiration or advice. I also wish Dawson the best on her journey to reach her dreams.

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