Heavy metal will never die, but plenty of people tried to kill it. We rounded up 10 videos of crazy boomers throughout the decades trying to censor and extinguish metal music.

One of the most egregious attacks against metal came with Tipper Gore and the PMRC. The entity, which gave us the Parental Advisory sticker, attempted to portray bands such as Metallica and Judas Priest as Satanic and harmful, but as Tenacious D says, “Nothing can destroy the metal.” Even punk rockers such as Dead Kennedys vocalist Jello Biafra came to Metallica’s defense on national television.

Few programs drove unintentionally hilarious anti-metal campaigns like ‘80s and ‘90s Christian TV. One sweatered geek gave lectures on KISS and Black Sabbath, certain Gene Simmons was giving the sign of the horns (it was the ‘I love you’ sign) and that the Devil was hiding inside the cover of Sabbath’s Mob Rules album.

Plenty of teen metalheads have had parents come down on their music, but the ridiculousness of over-parenting is summed up beautifully in one clip from the '80s. “I do not like the words,” she begins. “I do not like the words. To me, they’re all Satan worship … It’s nothing to do with God or anything like that, it’s just praising the Devil, giving him the glory. The killing, how they treated children and the blood and all that, I just didn’t care for it.”

Check out the 10 Craziest Boomers vs. Heavy Metal in the Loud List above.

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