Now that the Super Bowl is over it's time for the NFL off season rumor to get into full swing. Where is Tom Brady going to play next year? What about Philip Rivers? Well, if you're a Cowboy fan, your only concern is Dak Prescott.

While both sides would like to get a long term deal done, it seems they've hit an impasse because they can't agree on Dak's financial value. Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones has said:

It's been urgent for us. We certainly want to get that done. That's our No. 1 priority as we go into the offseason—to get his contract, find some resolution to it and get it done.

The franchise isn't what Dak wants and he hasn't quite said he'd skip off season workouts if the team did franchise tag him, but he hasn't committed to being there either, saying:

We'll get to that when we get to that. I look forward to talking to my agents and when that [tag] comes to play, the direction that we'll go. Until that's a reality, I won't worry about it.

There have been mixed reports about the kind of contract that's been offered. Back in August, it was reported Dak turned down an offer worth $30 million a year because he's looking for closer to $40 million per year. But Pro Football Talk came out after that report, claiming it was false.

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