We're still in the lead up to Corey Taylor's first solo album (CMFT is due Oct. 2 via Roadrunner Records), but the singer just dropped his plan for starting work on its follow-up.

Speaking with KAAOS TV (viewed below), Taylor stated of his upcoming release, "The only thing I really wanted to do on this album was put the best songs forward, cause I've got enough material for three or four solo albums, but I wanted this first album to really have that impact. [I wanted] to put the best songs on there, put the best foot forward and really show something that I've never shown the audience before." That said, it provided Taylor with a more diverse release overall.

When asked about if he had plans to tour the record, Taylor then revealed, "Actually, we're gonna do what we can with the rest of this year solo-wise. Next year, hopefully once things get back to normal — knock on wood — I'll finish up the Slipknot tour cycle, wrap that up, and then after that, probably go in and record my second solo album and then go out and tour on two albums instead of just one."

Taylor recently got the ball rolling on the upcoming CMFT album, releasing the title-mentioning track "CMFT Must Be Stopped" as well as a second song titled "Black Eyes Blue."

As for Slipknot, the band announced earlier this year that they were putting off all of their 2020 touring due to the pandemic, but Taylor has stated in the past that the group does intend to finish their We Are Not Your Kind touring cycle.

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