Summertime means summer cookouts and it would be incomplete without our best friends, our dogs. And, cookouts allow us to treat ourselves with foods and flavors that we don't get to have all year round and, of course, we want to treat our furry friends as well.

As much as you want to give Fido a special treat like a hot dog or a bone to bite on from that rack of ribs, there are many cookout foods you need to avoid giving to your dog. Some of these foods just aren't great for your dogs digestion and in some cases could be poisonous. Additionally, some of these cookout items could be choking hazards for your pooch.

In an article from the American Kennel Club titled 'Is Cookout Food Hazardous to Dogs?' the prestigious organization, whose mission is to educate dog owners and promote dog wellness and better well-being, lists many items and by-products that you will find at cookouts that are not good for your pup and why.

On this list are salty foods, which can cause your dogs sodium levels to become off and create havoc for your pup's digestion and nervous system resulting in vomiting, seizures and possible death.

Also, keeping your doggo away from the grease drippings around your grill is important because this can lead to deadly pancreatitis.

Here are more items to avoid giving to your dog during your backyard barbecues to keep your best friend safe and happy during a joyful, summertime pastime.

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