The City of San Angelo is disappointed our police officers opposed the City Council’s offer of a one-time lump sum payment of $317,980.


That payment would have met the obligations of the Meet & Confer contract for the remainder of the current fiscal year. At the same time, it would have bridged a gap to allow City management, the San Angelo Coalition of Police and the City Council to work together to increase officers’ pay moving forward.

The result of the officers’ vote will terminate the Meet & Confer process through which their pay is negotiated. If and when that process continues will be a decision of the SACOP membership.

The leadership of the City of San Angelo values all of its employees, including its first-responders. That’s precisely why improving the pay of our public servants has for three years now been one of the City Council’s five approved priorities. Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, doing so is not possible without slashing service levels or further taxing the pocketbooks of our citizens. Our leadership team will continue to work toward ensuring that all City employees earn a livable and competitive wage for the first-rate services they provide.

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