Looks like the Bills are weighing their options on the future of their franchise and they maybe moving a lot closer to us.

Back in the 90s, the Buffalo Bills were a powerhouse. Say what you will about them, but no team in NFL history did what they did. Going to four straight Super Bowls, granted they lost every single one of them. Two of those four were against those 90's Dallas Cowboys and I would not want to face that team. Since then, Buffalo has made the playoffs here and there, but nothing really impactful.


Looks like ownership maybe wanting out of Buffalo according to a new report. They're wanting to build a $1.5 billion stadium in Orchard Park that is taxpayer-funded. Now the Bills have not said if they don't get their way they're moving the team, but it looks like Austin, Texas became a possible landing site for the team in the future. At least that is what one person close with the team said.

The Austin City Council says they have had no meetings with anyone from the Bills about a possible relocation. The City Council basically seemed to find out about this when we found out about it, they seem kinda shocked about it honestly. Austin currently does not have a professional sports team, they have soccer (which I don't count).

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Austin is one of those cities that is always in the talks of getting a team, I think the NFL would be a tough start for any city's first professional sports team. The only city's that currently have just an NFL team are Green Bay and Jacksonville. Green Bay loves their team, but that has a lot to do with history.

Jacksonville started in 1995 and they always rank near the bottom in the NFL for attendance and viewership. Jacksonville is the most populated city in Florida, so it made sense why they should get an NFL team. I don't think the Bills are going to move out of Buffalo.

I think they're just using this as a ploy to get talks going with the new stadium. The Bills are committed to stay in Buffalo through 2023, we will see what happens then. I have to imagine that the Cowboys and Texans would vote no on the Bills relocating here. More competition in the state is probably not good for them.

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