Avengers: Endgame hit theaters more than a week ago. Lisa, Brandon and I saw it on opening night and we had to resist talking about it during our morning meeting because Buzz took his sweet time in seeing the movie. Eventually, Buzz saw it and we all were able to talk about it during commercials and in our meetings.

The only ones who were out of the loop, were you, our listeners! We wanted to give listeners enough time to see the movie. We know that some were not able to make it during opening weekend. We also realize some people had to, or wanted to wait until the hype and packed theaters died down a bit.  So we restrained ourselves, and kept our Endgame references very, very vague. But all that ends Monday morning!

All of us on the MoSho, along with the Russo brothers agree that Monday is an okay day to start talking about Avengers: Endgame! Brandon has already covered the spoilers he and Buzz wanted to talk about, but if you've seen the movie and you're itching to hear our thoughts on it, or if you've been wanting to call in and ask us about the movie this is the time! Tune in this week and join in on the conversation by phone- (844) 305-6210, on our Facebook Live Stream or on our Twitter! We can't wait to hear your thoughts on THAT ending of Endgame!

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