It's been an interesting year for Korn who have enjoyed some of the most time off they've had in their career, but rest assured that new music is definitely in the works and on the books for 2019.

Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch gave us an update during our recent chat about his Loud Krazy Love documentary, revealing, "We have a lot of the drums done. We're not done with guitars. We go for two weeks and then we go back home and we're just taking it slow. We're probably going to write more songs. The bass is far from done and the vocals Jon [Davis]'s messed around with a little bit. But we don't know when the release date is or when it's going to be done, but we have plans for next year so we're going to work hard out of the gate in January."

Head also revealed that the band had spent some time writing with producer John Feldmann on what they've done so far, while also revealing to Revolver that Travis Barker had laid some drums down during demos and that producer Nick Raskulinecz had also been involved.

"We've worked hard, but we've also worked hard at resting. So there have been a lot of vacations and breaks and by vacation I mean at home. That's a vacation because we travel non-stop," added Head. "We're very excited to get back out because there's been a long break and that's how you can tell someone's looking out for us and looking over is that we took all this time off. We never take this much time off, and all that Jonathan went through, it was totally meant to be that we had all this time off. He went and did his solo thing, but it's a load off when you don't have the big machine going constantly."

While no official release date was given, Head did state that it was his hope that the record would be done by the time they start playing festivals next year. Those include two Danny Wimmer Presents festivals -- Welcome to Rockville and Epicenter -- in early May.

"I'm so stoked to see the lineups next year. Got Tool coming out and I know Foo Fighters are playing one night. So it's really cool to see our name next to theirs. It's an honor," says Head. "It's incredible what those guys [Danny Wimmer Presents] are doing and it's so important. Why didn't I think of that? I remember Fred [Durst] from Limp Bizkit hiring Danny back in the day and now he's running these festivals. It's really cool and I hope it continues to grow. It's fun, man. The rock festivals are fun. I don't care if that's not your main source that you listen to, but those rock festivals are fun and there's so much energy and it's not computerized music. It's just a good time."

For now, there are just the two festivals and an appearance at the Vivo Latino Festival in March on their schedule, but you can keep up with the band's touring here.

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