Panic! at the Disco have officially gone metal. Vocalist Brendon Urie recently teased the possibility of the band releasing a metal version of the song "The Calendar" that he had shared with his bandmates, and now he's shared that version of the song with fans as well.

Urie was streaming on Twitch playing Fortnite when he decided to share the taste of music. In the midst of the playback, he revealed that the version of the song had been recorded back in 2010. Watch as Urie goes full headbanger, flipping off the camera, pulling over his hoodie and rocking out to his creation, in the player below.

With a triumphant "Fuck yeah" at the end of the video, Urie seems pleased with the brutality of the track. What's your take? Should Urie pursue more metal songs, whether it be reinterpretations of Panic! music or original tracks? Let us know in the Comments section below.

Panic! At the Disco, in the natural form, will return to the road in early January, sharing stages with Two Feet and Betty Who. Dates begin Jan. 10 in Buffalo, N.Y. See all of their stops here.

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