Yup, she's way to hot for me. And you are going to see lots of proof of that over the next few days as I share videos and pictures from my wedding.

This was something we had planned for awhile when it came to our first dance, and had to change what we were going to do because of Shim, the former lead singer of Sick Puppies.

Basically we had already pieced together a full 4 minute version of a mix of Disney/Pixar songs. It went from Wall-E to Toy Story to Up to Coco. Well, that all gone thrown out the window when were gifted an unreleased song from Shim. Seriously, it's the coolest damn thing I could ever think of. When he was in town we were talking to him about the wedding and he gave me a song he's never released.

That song is not in this video though, it's just the edited down portion of what we had planned, which ended up being just Up and Coco.

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