A 23-year-old San Angelo man Adrian Leon Pleasant, Jr., was arrested Monday night on multiple charges following an incident at the Taco Bell located on Sherwood Way.

Last night, SAPD was dispatched to Taco Bell when a driver at the drive-thru was threatening an employee and attempting to force the window open.

Officers arrived and located the suspect vehicle still in the drive-thru lane. The suspect's vehicle advanced slowly towards the Officer’s vehicle, then stopped one foot away before it proceeded to move forward and intentionally collide with the Officer’s vehicle. More officers were dispatched to the scene and two passengers, who appeared to be intoxicated. The Officer instructed the driver to turn off and exit the vehicle but the driver refused.

When backup Officers arrived, the driver continued to disregard the Officers’ instructions and he assaulted an Officer who was attempting to take him into custody. The Officer is okay.

Once outside the vehicle, the driver continued to resist the Officers and he positioned his body against a curb to avoid being handcuffed. Officers had to tase the man when he refused to cooperate.

After speaking with Taco Bell Staff, Officers learned that after the man ordered food from the drive-thru he began to curse and threaten an employee, refused to leave after he received his food order, and attempted to pry open the drive-thru window once it had been closed and locked.

We tried to facebook him, but looks like his profile was deleted. Guess is wasn't a very pleasant night for him and his fast food.

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