Aerosmith currently have a number of 2022 tour dates on the books, but in a recent interview with blues icon Joe Bonamassa, guitarist Brad Whitford cast doubt on whether or not the band will ever be able to perform again, citing age as a "real factor."

Whitford, who turned 69 in February and joined Aerosmith in 1971, spoke about the band's twice postponed European tour, which was originally set for 2020 and was then moved to 2021 and now 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"The European tour, they tried to plan one last year, and they're talking about next year. It's a pipe dream right now. Nothing's gonna happen for a long time. Sometimes I'm not sure what my partners are thinking when they think that's gonna happen," he told Bonamassa as part of the "Live From Nerdville" interview series (transcription via Blabbermouth).

"There's another interesting thing about going to Europe now because of Brexit — it's so much harder to get work visas because of that," Whitford went on and noted, "That's going to be a whole other nightmare. I mean, I have my doubts about Aerosmith ever really performing again at this stage, because age is becoming a real factor. And it is what it is."

Many of the band's members, who range in age from 69 to 73, have also endured health issues in recent years, which have also impacted their ability to tour on a consistent basis and, when they do get out on the road, they're no longer cramming four to five shows into each week.

Drummer Joey Kramer injured his shoulder in 2019, which also found him temporarily sidelined from the band, despite led to a lawsuit in which he sought to rejoin for a performance at the Grammys, but was rejected by a judge. He eventually returned to his spot behind the kit, however.

In late 2018, guitarist Joe Perry was rushed to the hospital after allegedly collapsing backstage following his guest performance at a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden. Two years earlier, while playing with Hollywood Vampires in Brooklyn, New York, Perry was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed onstage.

Aerosmith's European tour is booked for June and July of next year with a 50th anniversary performance set for September in Boston. See all the upcoming dates here.

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