The news came out about a friendly Beluga whale being spotted in Norwegian waters that many thought could possibly be being used by Russia as a spy. But is he? Many have been very interested in the past of a friend Beluga whale, named by myself and Joanna Boris the Beluga. Boris was spotted by Norwegian fishing boats after it swam up to people in a friendly manner. One of the fisherman removed the harness and saw the English writing on the harness that read:

"Equipment St. Petersburg"

After this, many around the world started speculating that the friendly Beluga whale could somehow have been used a a spy from Russia. While some might wonderful how this sweet water baby could be used in such a way, someone else believes this whale had a different purpose. According to Norway's Fiskeribladetthe mammal spotted in the Arctic waters could have actually been a whale used for therapy for children. One of the newspapers former writers believes that the whale could actually be a therapy animal used to help children at a dive center in Northern Russia. Adding more fuel to this rumor is the fact that a video shot of the whale in 2008 has now been removed from Youtube, after the media picked up on the story. Russian spy or sweet child therapist? Seems like we may never find out the truth. At least for awhile. Read more about this theory here.


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