More info on Tom DeLonge's departure from Blink-182 has been revealed by drummer Travis Barker. While being interviewed on the 'Kevin & Bean' show, Barker further went into DeLonge's sudden hiatus and his refusal to share the news with his bandmates in-person or even through his own email.

On Jan. 26, it was revealed that DeLonge left Blink-182 indefinitely for the second time. The first occurred in 2005, when Tom's manager informed Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker that DeLonge was out. According to Barker, DeLonge's latest retreat mirrors what happened 10 years ago.

“We had agreed to do this show,” Barker said on the Kevin & Bean show. “We had planned this in the end of October. We had all agreed to do it. It was concrete, Blink was headlining Sunday night. Then the day before New Year’s Eve we got an email saying Tom indefinitely is taking a leave of absence for he doesn’t know how long. It could be forever. More than likely it’s forever and will not be doing anything Blink-related, meaning live shows, recordings. And we were set to go in studio on Jan. 5. Managers had studios rented, equipment was moved over. Everyone was raring to go. And this is like the fourth time it’s happened.”

Barker adds, "This is exactly how it went down 10 years ago. No phone call from Tom. It was always just his management saying, ‘Don’t bug Tom. Tom’s out. Leave him alone.’"

"We did an album ['Neighborhoods'] after [my plane crash] and he didn't listen to any of the mixes," Barker says. "He didn't approve one mix or anything that was recorded for the album. That's weird to me … I definitely wouldn’t make the stink that he is now. I would bow out and be like, much love to you, I wish you nothing but the best. I wouldn’t be doing the back and forth and most importantly, I would speak for myself."

The drummer also addressed DeLonge's tweet that he was almost ousted a year prior. Barker stated that things came to a head when he and an Australian promoter got into a war of words because Barker wouldn't fly to Australia for the band's tour. Barker, who survived a plane crash, has avoided planes since the incident. “Tom didn’t like the way I talked to the promoter,” Barker said. “At that point I was already home, bummed, disappointed in myself that I couldn’t get on an airplane. Then this dude comes at me weird and Tom doesn’t have my back … You know you should have some respect and some sympathy."

Blink-182 still plan to play the 2015 Musink Festival on March 22 with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba on March 22. Mark Hoppus even posted a photo of the band's rehearsal studio via Instagram.


Listen to the full 'Kevin & Bean' interview with Travis Barker above.

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