It looks like recordmaker and Goldfinger frontman John "Feldy" Feldmann will join a couple of other big names when it comes to production credits for the upcoming Blink-182 album, the band's first since 2016's California.

He helmed that one with the pop-punk icons, of course, but come time for its follow-up — which will apparently hit before this summer's Warped Tour anniversary dates — we'll hear "Happy" hitmaker and The Neptunes songsmith Pharrell Williams' work alongside Feldmann's, according to Travis Barker.

Indeed, at the Blink drummer's 12th Annual MUSINK Music Festival, Tattoo Convention & Car Show this past weekend, Barker dropped word of Williams and another bunch working with the band on the forthcoming full-length.

"Feldmann's working on the record," Barker told Front Row Live in the above video. "But we've also — I've been doing a bunch of writing just at my studio and bringing it to Feldmann's — we also just worked with Pharrell on the album."

Further, Williams isn't the only extra hand pitching in. The drummer revealed the band have also teamed up with pop production duo The Futuristics on the new album that's apparently shaping up a lot like the band's fifth.

"It's kind of anything goes," he says. "It's the same vibe that was going on when we did [2003 eponymous album] self-titled. Literally, anything goes. I think we're creating one of the most important Blink albums. I'm really proud of it."

Not only that, but be prepared for the new Blink-182 album to be available ahead of the upcoming Warped Tour 25th Anniversary Celebration events. ("It will definitely be out before the Warped Tour," Barker informs.)

The drummer previously compared the imminent LP to the band's earlier effort that had no exact title, saying it's the "closest [they've] come to something like ... that album, which is one of my favorite Blink albums by far."

Still, one major difference between the 2003 album and the new one will certainly shine through: the replacement of longtime guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge with Alkaline Trio leader Matt Skiba, which occurred in 2015.

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