We recently got to talking about Jadeveon Clowney taking down Chris Ivory by his dread (more on that at the bottom). Which lead to a conversation about just how insane Clowney's high school mix tape was. Remember, Clowney was one of those players that people thought should be allowed to jump to the NFL early because he was such a physical freak. Here's Clowney's mix tape.

Another athlete who had an crazy high school mix tape was Marcus Dupree. If you want to see a story of someone who had an injury completely derail him, just watch the 30 for 30: The Best that Never Was. Here is the trailer for that 30 for 30.

Here are some other great high school highlight reels from NFL players, current and former.

Jay Cutler

Adrian Peterson

Oh, and in case you were wondering what Clowney thought about bringing down Ivory by his dread. He's asked about it after the game in this clip.


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