The Best Metal Albums of the Decade... where to begin?

There's perhaps never been a better time to be a metal fan than throughout the last 10 years. Sure, the '80s were great, and it was a time when heavy music wasn't shunned by the mainstream, which has struggled and failed to keep this music squashed underfoot, but 2010 up to 2019 brought us the best of everything.

Our '70s and '80s heroes continued to dominate, playing to another generation of headbangers who come away feeling that, despite not having been around during metal's ascent, they're not receiving a watered down experience. These artists are just as strong of performers today as they were back then.

Really, there was no slouching from any of the banner artists from decades prior and, of course, we're getting a glimpse at the future of metal with sensational newcomers such as Ghost alongside new age hardcore upstarts Code Orange, Vein and Knocked Loose.

Metal also proved to be inexhaustibly capable of blending in even more outside genres, creating hybrids we never saw coming (thanks, Zeal & Ardor), which makes us all that more excited for the next decade.

So, after heavy debate, we present the 66 Best Metal Albums of the Decade, and be sure to check out the 66 Best Rock Albums of the Decade here.

The 66 Best Metal Albums of the Decade: 2010 - 2019

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