Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vext has revealed the details of an alleged extortion attempt against him by ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. Following a lawsuit where Johns claimed Vext was physically abusive toward her, the Bad Wolves musician now claims she was the physically abusive one.

Johns outlined four incidents of domestic abuse in her court case, which she says left her with bruises around her neck and cuts to her face.

“I mean, the things that I’m accused of is like, you know, it’s like attempted murder shit, like beating and strangulation,” Vext recently told the Tin Foil Hat Show. “Things that like you know I’m 260. I’m 6’1. Like, if you’re a guy and I and I did this to you, you’d die.”

The singer also categorized the case against him, and the surrounding media coverage, and example of cancel culture. “Like many of my friends who are who are professionals and public figures [and] wealthy, I’m currently engaged in an attempted #metoo campaign. And I’ve been going through an extortion attempt for 10 months. I dated a girl. I didn’t know a lot of things about her. She had a history of doing certain things.”

Vext continues, “You know she was not well. She was physically violent, and our relationship was toxic and I was like, ‘see you later.’ And this actually happened—our breakup happened on the heels of… a girl friend of mine was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.”

“So my friend Amie Nicole Harwick, she was a doctor. She had a stalker. She dated this guy. Amy and I were friends for 14 years. And, you know, they had a toxic relationship she broke up with him, had to get restraining orders, moved on and he found out where she lived nine years later, and then murdered her on Valentine’s Day. And I went on stage — I was in Europe — and I was beside myself and Amie was friends with a lot of people. Her ex-husband was a drummer so she knew all the musicians. So I’m on tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth, this is a lot of people crying. I mean she was a wonderful, wonderful person. I printed out her picture and I went on stage and I gave this speech about domestic violence. And that you know, if you’re in a domestic violence situation you have to leave.”

“And I came home, and my old lady punched the shit out of me for posting a picture with another woman who was my dead friend and that was pretty much the end of it. And we tried to be friends after that, it was not possible. And like most guys I kept moving and I started seeing somebody else. And that’s when the craziness started.”

“And then it was like, you know, police reports, fake police reports and that and the other. And the D.A. looked at all that, there was no evidence so they threw it out, so she went and got a restraining order then said, If I give her $20,000 she’ll walk away. And then it was $40,000 to walk away, then it was $60,000 to walk away. And we are engaged in a civil dispute right now. So we’ve been in trial, we have one more day. And it’s not looking good for her, so she went to the press.”

The news was initially reported by Metalsucks, who detailed the specifics of the court case through public legal documents.

“I am in the entertainment industry, I’ve been canceled. Like, I’m cancelled right now,” Vext claims. “They’re trying to get rid of me because I supported Trump publicly. They’re trying to get rid of me, because I ask people questions. They’re trying to get rid of me because my following is growing, because we’re having these conversations and engaging in diversity of thought.”

The singer also shared his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused the deaths of over 300,000 Americans and over 1.64 million people worldwide.

“Let’s rattle out some statistics,” Vext begins. “This is my favorite argument point. People are like ‘Oh 200,000 people died.’ And I’m like I don’t give a shit. Not that I don’t care that people died, but listen, people die every day and now I’m going to talk about that. 7.2 million people die every year from cigarettes. You say ‘Tommy‘, that’s voluntary it’s not the same.’ Oh, 800,000 people die of secondhand smoke. They didn’t choose to. They just lived with or were in an environment where there was smoking. Okay, we don’t outlaw cigarettes.”

Vext is correct that over 7 million people die each year from smoking and that a large number of individuals die from second-hand smoke, but the World Health Organization puts the number of second-hand smoke deaths at 600,000 each year.

“Do you know in America that 2,300 [a] day die of heart disease, in America. Every day, 123 people commit suicide?”

Vext is correct about both of these facts.

“Well, the CDC announced it. Was it August? They released a study that showing 9,300 people died of COVID period, and then everyone else… they had cancer, they had heart disease, they had pneumonia they had, you know… 2.6 co-morbidities. Which means the average person was dying of two other two and a half other things.” [via PRP]

Vext’s claim is partially true, but lacks crucial context. For a detailed explanation, click here.

Vext’s latest court hearing took place on Dec. 9. Stay tuned for more updates as news breaks.

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