The young Japanese phenoms of Babymetal have won Most Dedicated Fans at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards. Like Babymetal fans have become infamous for, they turned out in massive numbers to support the teen act.

The Babymetal phenomenon has been impossible to ignore not only in the metal world, but in the entertainment world. When metalheads began stumbling upon photos of Babymetal earlier this decade, there’s no way they could have expected the incredible quality of the band’s music. With two acclaimed albums setting the world ablaze, Babymetal have worked their way to playing arenas and stadiums around the world, both opening for iconic acts and headlining their own shows.

The BMG and Rise-sponsored Most Dedicated Fans category received one of the highest turnouts for any of the 2017 LMAs category. With the number of votes reaching six figures, Babymetal were the decisive winners, defeating Iron Maiden, Blink-182, Rammstein, Halestorm and I Prevail.

Congratulations to Babymetal for taking home the Hand of Doom trophy for Most Dedicated Fans at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards.

Babymetal, "KARATE"

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