We are asking for everyone to come together and help little Cory Tounget and his family. Cory is 5 months old and is being tested for spinal muscular atrophy.
This is a disease caused by a genetic defect. It manifests in various stages of severity which all have in common general muscle wasting and mobility impairment. Spinal muscular atrophy is the most common genetic cause of infant death. Baby Cory will stay at Shannon until next week then he will be taken to Cook's Children Hospital. There he will see a neurologist, that has been in close contact with his pediatrician.

Saturday January 25 there will be an auction and brisket plates as a fundraiser for baby Cory. It will be held at Calvary Baptist church at 2321 Armstrong in the fellowship center from 11-1.

Cory's mom is a nurse for Shannon Clinic and worked on the Trauma unit at Shannon Hospital for years helping others, now she needs our help. Any donations will help and be greatly appreciated.

If unable to come by there is a website so you can go online and help. gofundme.com/69t6b0. You can also call Breanne at 806-300-6016 or Candace at 315-3638.

Here's an update on his condition:
Baby Cory just got diagnosed with transverse myelitis and is being flown to Cook's now.  This is a neurologic disorder caused by inflammation across both sides of one level of the spinal cord.  Some people recover with minor or no residual problems.  Others suffer permanent impairment such as paralysis.

No cure currently exists but there are treatments designed to reduce spinal cord
inflammation and manage and alleviate symptoms. There are high hopes that he will regain movement in his legs and regain his strength.