More than a few eyebrows were raised earlier this month when onetime Asking Alexandria collaborators Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop revealed that they had ended their war of words. The pair reportedly got together, "drank almost a handle of Jameson" and partied "old school style," according to Worsnop. Now it appears that their renewed friendship may result in some new music.

Both Bruce and From First to Last's Matt Good posted photos from the studio where they were recording with Worsnop. It was not revealed in the posts exactly what the three musicians were recording, it if was a collaborative effort or if it was meant for one of their particular projects. But it is believed that Good was overseeing the tracking of the session. Check out the Instagram posts below.

Worsnop exited Asking Alexandria in early 2015, and his parting was not an amicable one. The vocalist and the rest of the band were on different pages in terms of what they wanted to do musically and the split angered Bruce, who admitted to writing some spiteful lyrics about Worsnop. In an interview, Worsnop stated that he felt the band had lost their artistic integrity, while Bruce countered by asking where Worsnop's integrity was in leaving the band to pursue a country album.

After the split, Asking Alexandria went on to release The Black album with new vocalist Denis Stoff, while Worsnop first recorded a disc with We Are Harlot, then set about putting together his solo country disc, The Prozac Sessions.

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