The abuse lawsuit filed against Marilyn Manson by his former assistant, Ashley Walters, has been dismissed by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge on the grounds of the statute of limitations, as reported by Billboard.

Walters is one of multiple women who have filed lawsuits against Manson (real name Brian Warner) for reasons ranging from sexual assault, battery and harassment, torture and psychological abuse, each citing various instances of alleged offense in the independent cases.

In May of last year, Walters claimed sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, interference with the exercise of civil rights in violation of the Bane Act, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress in a 16-page lawsuit. Those documents also revealed specific allegations of these offenses with over 100 line items listed in the Complaints for Damages section.

Billboard received the documents of the dismissal of Walters' case, where the judge dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, which means that Walters will be unable to refile the charges and levy another lawsuit against Manson for those aforementioned claims.

In March earlier this year, Walters filed an amended lawsuit against Manson, citing repressed memories of sexual abuse and battery and that later threats of violence wrought a sense of fear within the plaintiff. That same month, it was revealed that Manson had reportedly threatened Walters with "retaliatory legal action" if she took part in Phoenix Rising, a documentary film by Evan Rachel Wood (one of many of Manson's abuse accusers) and chronicles allegations made against the embattled musician.

A timeline of the abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson can be viewed below.

Timeline of Abuse Allegations Against Marilyn Manson

After actress Evan Rachel Wood first publicly accused rock singer Marilyn Manson of sexual abuse in February 2021, similar allegations by others against the musician also surfaced. Below is a timeline of those accusations, beginning with Wood's 2018 testimony that disclosed her alleged abuse but had yet to name an abuser. Manson denied the allegations. He subsequently sued Wood for fraud and conspiracy in March 2022.

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