Remember the dude who was kicked out of a Slayer show last year in Toronto and attempted to swim back to the venue? He's officially been deemed a hero, as the venue will now be serving a can of Budweiser in which he is illustrated on — in his state of panic and soaking wet clothes.

It all began last May when Chris LaRocque was removed by authorities from a Slayer show at Toronto's Budweiser Stage for drunkenness. Determined to get back in, he dove into Lake Ontario in attempt to swim back. He was eventually apprehended once again and tested for hypothermia, as the water temperature was not suitable for swimming during that time of year.

Anthrax was opening the show. Scott Ian posted photos of LaRocque on Instagram, deeming him "fan of the tour."

According to Canada's Exclaim!, the Budweiser Stage is serving newly designed cans of Bud to commemorate its 25th anniversary. Considering this man was probably the only one to attempt to swim into the venue in its history, it seems appropriate that he's featured on the can.

He even picked one up of his own.

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