Apocalyptica may have recruited singer Franky Perez to handle vocals for their new Shadowmaker album, but the vocal powerhouse doesn't turn up on every track. In fact, one of the band's new songs, a cut called "Till Death Do Us Part," has turned up online as a preview track and it's instrumental in nature.

The song shows you the breadth of styles that Apocalyptica can pull off within the course of a 7:50 song. It starts off moody and haunting, builds in intensity and alternates between heavy and melodic moments throughout while showing the playing skill of all the band's members. Take a listen in the player provided above.

Apocalyptica are looking at Shadowmaker as a key record for the band. Drummer Mikko Siren recently told Loudwire, "When we started to rehearse the songs and compose the songs, we kind of had a sonic idea of what we wanted the album to sound like and we had a very specific vision of who we wanted to produce the album, who should mix the album. And while composing, we also worked a lot with the visual image and how we want to present to everybody, so I think the impulse for the first time was so whole from the band." Meanwhile, one of the band's cellists, Eicca Toppinen, added that Perez's addition led to the band being more organized than ever when hitting the studio.

The Shadowmaker album arrives April 21 via the band's new label, Better Noise. You can look for them opening dates for Sixx: A.M., then enjoying a headlining run that also features label mates Art of Dying. The Shadowmaker album is currently available for pre-order at Amazon and iTunes.

Apocalyptica Talk Shadowmaker Album + Recruiting Franky Perez

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