Which military branch has a little more to love? A newly released Pentagon study has given us which branch of the military has the most obese service members. The report found that 22% of the Navy are obese, which is about 1 in 4 sailors according to the Washington Examiner. The weight issue could lead to a number of health problems for sailors, including heart disease, strokes and more. Jimmy Drennan is a U.S. Navy officer and the president of the Center for International Maritime Security told the Washington Examiner the obesity in the Navy could lead to risks in fleet readiness, as well as their ability to fit on ships:

"Not just hatches, but passageways ... they are already very tight on U.S. Navy ships, compared to other navies. Not to mention the fatigue and heat stress of fighting a fire in full gear."

The Navy had 22% of obese members, while the Air Force had 18%, Army had 17%, and the Marines had the lowest at 8.3%. Over 93 million people in the United States are obese, according to the CDC, so it's not surprising that the military is also seeing larger numbers of, well, larger men and women in uniform. The study doesn't give specific reasons why the obesity rate in the Navy is so high, but there are some factors as to why this is happening. Food portions have become larger, and the food we are eating also has a higher calorie content. Another big factor is the military's love for energy drinks, which can be high in sugar and calories.

To try and combat the obesity issue in the Navy, they have a Fitness Enrollment Program for those who fail the fitness standards of the military branch. The program includes mandatory weigh-ins, workouts, and minimum fitness requirements.

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