Alter Bridge had planned to be on the road in 2020 promoting their Walk the Sky album. Instead, the pandemic hit, but it's not all bad news for fans of the band as the group is finishing out the year with their new Walk the Sky 2.0 EP. The new set is here and streaming online as we speak!

The album features the brand new track "Last Rites" which was written, recorded and completed by the group shortly after their 2020 touring was called off.

In addition, fans do get a live fix of sorts with the remainder of the EP packed with some of Alter Bridge's standout tracks within the concert setting. "Wouldn't You Rather," "Pay No Mind," "Native Son," "Godspeed," "In the Deep" and "Dying Light" - all tracks that initially appeared on the 2019 Walk the Sky record - made the cut for this release.

Have a listen to Alter Bridge's Walk the Sky 2.0 in the player below.

Alter Bridge, Walk the Sky 2.0

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