Have Alice in Chains gone synthwave? Nope, but prolific YouTube musician Anthony Vincent has created a thoroughly groovin' cover version of the band's "Man in the Box" backed by synthesizers.

Indeed, the '90s Facelift single gets a keyboard-drenched overhaul in the daring version from Vincent. He's the creator behind "Ten Second Songs," a video series where he casts swift versions of popular tunes in the style of a given artist — Metallica, for example, or Tool. For Alice in Chains' "Man in the Box," however, Vincent decided to re-do the whole song in a retro '80s style.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

It sounds a bit like if Tears for Fears or some other new wave act had penned the number instead of Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell and the band's late vocalist, Layne Staley. True to the cover's aesthetic, there's even a synthesized saxophone solo that closes out the hazy take.

Of course, the tune also gets a killer vocal delivery from Vincent, the mustachioed musician's stone-faced performance in the cover's accompanying clip seeming almost comical in its stoicism.

The "Man in the Box" synth version first emerged on Christmas Day 2020, but its genius has carried over to the new year. Currently, the video has racked up over 100,000 views. Not to mention, Vincent's undoubtedly made a lasting impression on those who watch — the inventive musician's Ten Second Songs channel has about 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube right now.

Not to mention, the early Alice in Chains song remains popular with musicians all over. Slipknot's Corey Taylor recently covered it in an all-star jam session, and an animated cat band once parodied it. In 2012, Cantrell joined Sammy Hagar for a "Man in the Box" run-through at the Red Rocker's 65th birthday celebration. And there's plenty more where those came from.

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