Here is an Am I the A-Hole from Reddit that we talked about on the air, and the funny thing, as I was reading it, Buzz was doing exactly what the boss was saying to the person who posted this to Reddit. Of course, Buzz is a radio personality who is here to entertain, not this lady's boss.

This one is slightly different because it's not necessarily an 'Am I the A-Hole', it's more of a 'Would I Be the A-Hole' if I did this...

I work as a bartender and I’m for the most part pretty close to my coworkers. I am openly a lesbian and my coworkers have met my girlfriend whenever she stops by or picks me up from work. For the most part, they’ve all been pretty respectful despite me being the one of two women who work there.

I got acrylic nails done and they’re pretty long (inb4 all the unpopular opinions “am i the only one who thinks acrylic nails are gross” rolls in), but they are approved by management so no biggie. However the district manager saw them and decided to give me a hard time about them. He then asked how I have a gf with long nails. I told him that is inappropriate because I KNOW what he’s implying. He drops it that day but brings it up again asking if it ever causes issues as a lesbian. It came to a head when he asked my girlfriend what she thought and she asked him why it matters.

I know he is just trying to be playful but the question is a sexual question, whether he even thinks about it or not. I’ve told him to stop asking that question twice. Should I sit down and explain to him why it’s not something to ask or would I be irrational to bring it higher?

Here are the options for judging this post:

  • YTA = You are the A-hole
  • NTA = You are NOT the A-hole
  • ESH = Everyone sucks here
  • NAH = No A-holes here
  • INFO = More info needed

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