Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret last week (Oct. 2) offered a hopeful video update from his hospital bed, informing fans of the legendary hardcore punk band that he had just undergone surgery related to his cancer diagnosis from earlier this year.

Though the cancer was already in remission, it appears a complication necessitated another procedure. But, as the rocker shared, everything should improve from here.

Now recuperating, the clip from Saturday shows a bed-bound Miret thanking fans for their support and remaining hopeful about his recovery, per Blabbermouth. Amid the update, the person taking the video, presumably his wife, sniffles off-camera.

Miret says, "I just had a surgery done and I'll feel better really, really soon. I should feel better soon 'cause I had an infection. I was running a fever for two weeks."

He adds, "No need to worry, no one — we're staying positive. And really, I'm so grateful of each and every one of you for just your love and support and everything you've all come together for."

Earlier this year, Miret underwent complex surgery to remove cancer from his body. According to a fundraiser launched to help cover the musician's medical costs, his treatment left him many thousands in debt. Agnostic Front fans came together and have already donated over $140,000 of the stated $300,000 goal.

Watch Miret's latest update here. Below, read more about the vocalist's diagnosis and subsequent treatment, as outlined on the GoFundMe page.

Attention worldwide family and friends!!
Earlier this year, Agnostic Front’s vocalist Roger Miret was diagnosed with cancer.
A long road of tests and diagnoses lead to a complex surgery and lengthy hospital stay. Even though the surgery was complicated the results were extremely positive. The cancer was successfully removed and we are very relieved to say that Roger is now in complete remission and that all signs of cancer have disappeared.
With the joy of knowing that Roger is now cancer free also comes the bitter reality of months of treatment and Roger and his family are dealing with the financial backlash of a cancer diagnosis.
Today we are calling upon our beloved worldwide music scene, friends and family, please share this fundraiser and donate what you can, during these difficult times.

From our family to yours, a heartfelt thank you for your support and contribution!

We ask you to please respect Roger and his family’s privacy while they continue on their journey of recovery.

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