As AC/DC prepare to take the stage with Axl Rose as their frontman for the first time, the band has been prepping audiences with a number of interview clips and a new band promo shot featuring Rose amongst the rock vets. The photo, taken by Roger Sargent, can be seen at the top of this post.

As for the new video clips, in the first one Axl Rose discusses his admiration for Brian Johnson's work and the challenges that joining AC/DC provides him. In both clips, you also get a glimpse of some rehearsal footage.

Rose states, "Back in Black is the highest selling rock album of all-time, so it's like I'll be measured a lot against singing it and there's nothing that can take away from Brian's singing. It is what it is. He's one of THE rock singers."

Though he offered his services, Rose admits it took some stepping up to prepare for the role as the band's new vocalist. "I hadn't fully listened to certain things," said Rose. "I think in car I tried to sing part of 'Back in Black' but I never tried learning the songs fully and you'd sing a little bit of 'Shoot to Thrill,' but you always knew it was a really tough song to sing. And I never tried to do it professionally or learn the thing so yeah, it's a challenge, and I wanna do right by the band and the fans." Watch the video for his full comments below.

Rose along with bassist Cliff Williams and guitarist Angus Young also addressed their excitement to be returning to the road and how the rehearsal process has gone so far.

"Yeah, we've been rehearsing for a while now. We wanna get it out there. We wanna get it rolling. We wanna unleash the beasts," says Williams. "The main thing is to get out of my head and put it in whatever order you want is to do right by the band and do right by their fans. It's about a respect thing," adds Rose.

"You feed off of them," says Angus Young discussing the AC/DC fans. "That's always been the way. You feed off the audience," to which Axl Rose interjected, "But there's no audience in their rehearsals and they're a freight train. I mean they rehearse and the first day Chris [Slade] is like, 'See you at the end,' and then the song starts and it's a freight train. With these rehearsals, it's been really, really cool and now I know the benefits of rehearsals for the first time in my life." Watch that video below.

As stated, AC/DC return to the road tomorrow night (May 7) in Lisbon, Portugal. Rose will handle vocals throughout their European run in May and early June before heading back to Guns N' Roses for their summer tour. AC/DC dates can be found here.

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