In my experience, Texas is home to the laid-back, the polite, the adventurous, and the hopeful. We're incredibly diverse, but all share an indomitable spirit of individualism and freedom. We are the children of the brave and bold frontiersmen, and it shows in our way of life today.

Yes, I'm romantic about Texas, but it's my home and I am proud of it. Aside from perhaps California or Florida, what other state is so reckoned as its own defined place than Texas? And we've gained that honor without even having a Disney theme park. complied some data based on certain metrics to find the "angriest" states. We moseyed all the way down to 26, making us simply below average in anger. Considering "road rage" was a major metric and we are home to Houston, that's a remarkable feat. No shade to Houstonians; y'all just have ungodly traffic to deal with.

Coming in at no. 1 was Alabama -- full of road rage, toxic internet comments and hate crimes. Have y'all tried just holding the door for the person behind you? Maybe a 'howdy' to someone you don't know? Perhaps a little Texas hospitality will lead you (eventually) to a place of love, tolerance and respect.

I am a little troubled that "hate crime" was included in a look at "anger." Hate is much more pathological than anger. I'm glad to see Texas with a low score. Racism and homophobia don't deserve a place in the Lone Star State. We're just too diverse for that to fly. And too polite.

If you would like to see the metrics behind the ranking or find an even more peaceful state, you can read's article here.

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