Lucha Libre is coming to the United States this year, thanks to AAA Worldwide. To celebrate the Mexican wrestling promotion’s Sept. 15 New York show and Oct. 13 Los Angeles show, we asked some of AAA’s biggest stars to react to masked metal bands.

Of course, we asked the luchadores what they thought of Slipknot’s new masks. Blue Demon Jr. had an especially philosophical look into the Nine. “To reach people, they have to represent something that they are not,” the performer begins. “We don’t really know people through their faces. If everyone could choose a mask, we could choose, really, the identity of every person.”

On Sid Wilson's "skin" mask, Blue Demon Jr. expresses, "In his case, when he shows his face, he's showing something that he's not."

Blue Demon Jr. also had some insight on Mushroomhead. “For me, it’s the clear photo of our actual society.” Aerostar had a different perspective on the band, commenting on the demonic nature of Mushroomhead’s masks, though he does credit them for being well made. Texano Jr. added that his fellow luchador Drago looked like a member of Mushroomhead.

Drago had plenty of compliments for Ghost, calling the cult act’s aesthetic “spectacular.”

Dr. Wagner Jr. also gave his impressions of masked metal bands, saying Masked Intruder’s simple and colorful look worked well. He especially praised Slipknot, though, commenting on their creativity, personality and success in causing a feel of horror.

Fans can grab tickets for Lucha Libre AAA’s Invading NY and Invading LA events here. You can also learn more about AAA and the performers coming to both cities in Spanish and English.

Evolution of Slipknot’s Terrifying Masks

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