The future of metal is bright, as proven by 9-year-old Harper, who screams her way through a brutal rendition of Spiritbox’s breakout track “Holy Roller.”

Almost exactly one year ago, Spiritbox released their Midsommar-inspired music video for “Holy Roller,” capturing the attention and imagination of modern metal fans everywhere. Spiritbox began to be hailed as the future of heavy music, while Loudwire named “Holy Roller” the best metal song of 2020.

Taking inspiration from vocalist Courtney LaPlante, young Harper unleashes her vocal cords for her cover of “Holy Roller,” bringing her own style to the vicious cut. “Harper wanted to cover Spiritbox, and it sounded so sick, so we also did a little video. No vocal help from me at all!” reads the video’s description.

Spiritbox gave Harper their seal of approval, sharing her cover while offering some encouraging words:

LaPlante first heard guttural vocals while watching Cannibal Corpse’s iconic cameo in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. "My mind went, 'Okay, this guy sounds like a primate of some sort or a gorilla or something from a National Geographic show when they're talking to each other,'" said LaPlante, who also noted her mindset at the time was, "Ace Ventura loves animals, this whole movie is about animals... they're just an animal band and that's why he likes them so much because they sound like animals."

Watch 9-year-old Harper crush Spiritbox’s “Holy Roller” in the video below.

9 year old covers Spiritbox | Holy Roller Cover #Spiritbox #vocalcover

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