I was summoned for jury duty and had to report on Monday morning to the juvenile court. I get summoned for jury duty at least once a year, sometimes, twice a year. Many people complain of jury mainly because many believe that it's a waste of time. Once, I evaded my jury duty- I didn't show up- and I had to pay the price; I won't be missing jury duty again! My only complaint is that I've never made it to an actual jury and by then I know enough about a case to be invested.

So Monday morning I reported to the juvenile court and had some thoughts:

  1. I've never been to the juvenile court before- they're all guilty!
  2. This is much smaller than I imagined.Where do they put all the guilty children, because that's the only verdict I'm giving today!
  3. What line am I suppose to go in? There's like 3!
  4. Look at all these juvenile delinquents. Guilty!
  5. Look at this child in a suit. Like, a little business man. A little GUILTY business man.
  6. I've just gotten a "Are you Joanna from the Morning Show?" how nice!
  7. Is this huge name tag necessary?
  8. I can have a seat? Where do I have a seat? It's a packed house!
  9. Oh, another "Are you Joanna from the Morning Show?"
  10. And another
  11. Oh my god, did that girl just show up in full blown workout clothes?! I thought we were supposed to dress up! I am wearing REAL pants!
  12. Another listener just told me that they announced it on the show this morning that I would be at jury duty, which would explain why I've had a few come up to me.
  13. Kids keep coming in with their parents, quit making your mother cry! Guilty!
  14. I always forget to bring a book, everyone always has a book.
  15. Wait, I could have brought coffee?? That guy has coffee! I need coffee!
  16. Oh, that guy works here. Still, some coffee wouldn't have hurt.
  17. Finally, some action, roll call!
  18. Oh I have to turn my phone off? It feels like I'm killing my phone when I force it off.
  19. Do not forget that you are juror #16
  20. Do not forget what number juror you are, Joanna!
  21. Wow, a lot of people are missing! That's a $175 fine!
  22. I can't believe I actually paid $175 because I missed jury duty that one time. It was ONE TIME!
  23. Wait, what number juror am I?!
  24. I have to write down what number I am on my name tag because I forgot.
  25. It's now 45 after, should we get a move on? I can tell that one kid is guilty!
  26. Oh, they left. Everyone that brought a book has taken it out again. I guess back to my phone .
  27. Message from Lisa: "Buzz wants to know when you're coming to the show?" I'll get there when I get there!
  28. It is now 8:55 A.M.-Clerk: "The case has been settled; you're all excused" We're free!
  29. Let me get a note for work to show Buzz that I actually had jury duty.
  30. Now I have an important decision to make; McDonald's breakfast it is!


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