People love to multi-task, which includes doing other things while getting Christmas shopping done. But what people are doing more of while shopping is shocking.

The holidays can be a busy time for people in many ways. From holidays at the house, cooking for those holidays, work parties, Friendsgivings, Christmas gatherings and all the holiday activities you do, you need to find a way to get things done as efficient as possible. That's why people like to Christmas shop online more, so they can get it done while doing other activities. Especially with the prevalence for smartphones. Why go to a store and deal with the holiday congestion in the store and on the streets when you can swipe and shop from the comfort of your own home? It's easy, it's convenient but what people are doing at home while Christmas shopping online is pretty gross.

A new poll released by PayPal shows that a whopping 80% of shoppers will be doing their holiday shopping from a mobile device. But where will most of these people be located while they online shop? On the toilet apparently. A whopping 46% of those respondents said that they will online shop while on the porcelain throne. Even more shocking is the fact that this number went up this more, with 24% more people shopping on the pot.

Other, less disgusting places people like to shop?

People said they also like to online shop while in bed next to their significant other and in not surprising news, others said they liked to online shop while at work in the office. Even though the online shopping numbers are on the rise, PayPal still says that there is a good portion of people who will actually go to a real-life store. The problem?  People will be online shopping WHILE THEY ARE IN A BRICK-AND-MORTAR STORE. 35% of respondents say they partake in online shopping even though they are in a real store too. Guess we really are attached to our phones.

Read more about this at the New York Post website.

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