This weekend I am going to the beach. It is going to be so fun. My cousins are going to be there! The place we are camping at has an indoor pool, an only okay arcade and a basketball hoop. Even though my dad's real birthday was on May 18th, we are celebrating his birthday this weekend. Last time when we went with just my grandparents and one of my cousins, the hoop's net was all ripped up. By the time we got it on it was the day we were leaving. Also, the weekend after I am going to Seaside for a baseball tournament and we are staying in a hotel because we will be there all weekend. We also had a baseball tournament this last weekend. We took third. The team we played for third place was a team we beat 13 to 3. They had a one run lead after three innings but we ended up winning with a final score of 8 to 4. That was our third game. In our second game the other team had a pitcher who was a freshman in high school. We lost that game, but I can't remember the score. Our first game I got beaned in the arm. Yet we won, 14 to 4. We totally wiped them out.

Baseball played a huge part of my childhood, and unfortunately, something else that started to be a thing was me getting taking a hit by pitch. I did like to crowd the plate. So it happened quite frequently. I even got a couple of glorious concussion from getting hit.

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