We all know Gojira’s Mario Duplantier is the heaviest drummer of the universe, but he’s also one of the very best on earth. In this Loud List, we’re shining the spotlight on 10 of Duplantier’s best drum parts and solos that have convinced fans he’s the best to carry a pair of sticks.

Mario is one of metal’s most creative rhythmic and technical drummers. His polyrhythmic line in “The Art of Dying” has stumped most fans, proving to be one of the hardest pieces to count and cover. While Mario’s right hand remains in 4/4 on his ride cymbal, his right hand hits the snare in groups of three and five at 21/16, while sometimes switching to 2/4. Simple, right?!

The entire Way of All Flesh album is a drumophile’s paradise, as is Gojira’s modern classic, From Mars to Sirius. Tracks like “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe” and “Flying Whales” are legit face melters, while Duplantier’s non-stop double kick on “From the Sky” would turn any drummer’s legs into jelly.

Don’t worry, OG Gojira fans, we didn’t forget Mario’s work on Terra Incognita or The Link. The albums from before Gojira’s mid-2000s explosion have some killer parts, including fierce work on “In the Forest” and “Remembrance.”

Check out these 10 Times Mario Duplantier Was the Best Drummer on Earth in the Loud List above.

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