Before you began worshipping your favorite musicians, many of them actually served completely different positions within their group. Check out these 10 Rockers Who Switched Roles in Their Own Band!

This list may catch you by surprise, since it feels almost impossible to separate rockers from the instruments they’re most renowned for playing. A huge example is Chris Cornell, one of rock music’s all-time greatest frontmen. But did you know he originally played drums for Soundgarden? It’s true! Another drummer who moved to center stage is none other than Joey Ramone. When the Ramones first formed, Joey manned the kit while Dee Dee took lead vocals. However, when Dee Dee struggled to play bass and sing simultaneously, future drummer Tommy Ramone made the wise suggestion of giving Joey a mic.

Can you even begin to picture Slipknot’s Craig Jones behind anything but his sampler? The spike-headed Slipknot member actually started off on guitar when he first joined the band. Some of the musicians in this list are pure Renaissance men, like former Immortal frontman Abbath. During his 22 years with the black metal act, he played every single instrument at some point, switching his role within the group nearly half a dozen times.

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