Everyone loves looking at pictures and that's why Instagram is one of the most visited social networking sites in the world. I use mine to post random selfies and video's of me motorboating porn star boobs. Check out the video [HERE]

Anyway, I've done some extensive research for this post. It's 10 hotties from the greatest state in the union TEXAS. There's chicks from some of the big cities in the state like Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and my hometown El Paso, Texas.

Emily Garza - El Paso

Veronica Canales- Austin

(She's on the right)

Nina Lockhart- Houston

Genesis- El Paso

Karina Monroy- Austin

Alexis Fallon- Austin

Dolores Natalee- El Paso

Conner Kate- San Antonio

Karen Lozano- El Paso

Whitney Miller- Austin former Miss USA 2012

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