Black Sabbath are the most influential metal band of all time. What’s one way to prove that statement? Just see how many rock, metal and even pop acts have covered the Birmingham blueprinters’ music.

To many metalheads, “Black Sabbath” is the heaviest song ever written. Tony Iommi’s use of the tritone is often seen as the launching point for heavy metal as a genre, crafting “Black Sabbath” as one of the most distressing tracks ever. Fellow doom act Type O Negative embraced covering “Black Sabbath” as the ultimate challenge — make the heaviest song even heavier. It’s certainly creepy and Peter Steele is the only vocalist who could do the cover justice.

Melvins are one of rock’s finest ambassadors of the almighty riff, thanks in part to the influence of Tony Iommi. The sludge merchants took one of Iommi’s best riffs, “Into the Void,” and put their own spin on the cut. If a Black Sabbath track is ever going to be in good hands, Buzz Osborne is the man to trust.

This list isn’t restricted to just rock and metal covers. Nope! The Cardigans did an incredible cover of “Changes” and we made sure to honor it. Sure, it’s one of Sabbath’s softest songs, but a band like The Cardigans, who have mastered the soft hit, did a great job in making “Changes” their own. Shed that thick skin, metalheads. Give this one a chance.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Covers of Black Sabbath Songs in the Loud List above.

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