You’ve gotta turn them into metalheads while they’re young! These rock and metal legends got so big they were offered spots on TV’s most popular kids shows… and they knocked it out of the park.

Who remembers Pre-Hibernation Week? Spongebob Squarepants pulled one of the greatest cred moves in Nickelodeon history by employing the services of Pantera. The band got name-checked and everything on Spongebob, which used “Death Rattle” to score the entire “Pre-Hibernation Week” episode.

If you’ve never seen Dave Mustaine’s cameo on Duck Dodgers, you’re missing out. The futuristic Daffy Duck series aired in the early 2000s, with Mustaine voicing himself as a shredder who can strike down UFOs with his guitar laser beam. Marvin the Martian didn’t stand a chance, and Megadeth’s frontman even got praise from Daffy himself in the show.

One of Alice Cooper’s most iconic roles was on The Muppet Show. He had plenty of memorable moments on the legendary Jim Henson series, but we chose to highlight this scene with Sam the Eagle. As the Muppets’ resident disciplinarian, Sam didn’t approve of Alice’s antics, calling the shock rocker “demented, sick and degenerate,” which Cooper naturally took as a compliment.

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