Tonight marks the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So here is some fact or fiction about presidential debates.

  1. The first televised debate was between RIchard Nixon and JFK.
    1. Yes - It was actually 56 years ago today. September 26th, 1960. It's used frequently as in media classes because those who listened to the debate on the radio, thought Nixon won. Those who watched on TV thought Kennedy won.
  2. The next televised debate in 1964 was the first one broadcast in color.
    1. BS - There was actually a 16 year break of a televised debate. Not until 1976 between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.
  3. The debate with the most viewers was between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.
    1. Yes - In 1980 it had about 81 million viewers. The lowest rated was in 1996 between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. Only 36 million people watched.
  4. Two candidates once debated each other while they weren't even in the same room.
    1. Yes - The third debate between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960. Nixon was in Los Angeles and Kennedy was in New York.
  5. The rules for tonight's debate say Hillary can't stand on anything to look taller.
    1. Yes - She's not allowed anything that will make her look taller, but is allowed to use a shorter podium.