When considering the life of the daily commuter, it’s a wonder that more people aren’t being sucked into a psychotic cesspool of road rage and suicidal tendencies while locked deep inside the great American traffic jam.

While the majority of the population is likely to agree that being caught in rush hour traffic is about as unpleasant as it gets, some of them, depending on there commute, might go as far as to say that gridlock is the closet gate to hell that they have ever known.

So, what are the most hellish commutes in America?

According to the latest research compiled using information from traffic tracking firm INRIX, which collects data from more than 100 million vehicles across the country, a commute on Los Angeles’ Harbor Freeway is the worst in America, followed closely by the Van Wyck Expressway in New York City and the California Delta Highway in San Francisco.

Commutes in the cities of Chicago and Houston also made the top of the list, as did those in Boston and Pittsburgh.

These findings are the product of an analyzed INRIX Traffic Index, and based on the total extra drive time required in passing through a particular corridor of highway during rush hour as well as the total length of the corridor. The outcome, of course, highlights the worst commutes in America.

Therefore, if you are among the unfortunate stretched out along the great American highway chances are you know that you’re doomed, and you have likely done all you can in an attempt to give yourself some relief. Yet, if you are among those planning a vacation through Hades, there is still time to change your route and save your soul!

10 worst Commutes

1. Los Angeles: Harbor Freeway/CA-100 Northbound

2. New York City: Van Wyck Expressway/I-678 Northbound

3. San Francisco: California Delta Highway/CA-4 Westbound

4. Chicago: Stevenson Expressway/I-55 Southbound

5. Dallas-Ft. Worth: Loop 820/I-820 Westbound

6. Houston: US-59 Northbound

7. Seattle: I-405 Southbound

8. Washington, DC: Capital Beltway/I-495 Outer Loop

9. Boston: Southeast Expressway/I-93 Southbound

10. Pittsburgh: Penn Lincoln Parkway/I-376 Eastbound

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