We’ve never actually been on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ so this is all speculation here, but for arguments sake, let’s just assume that it’s probably more nerve racking to be a contestant on the game show than it is sitting in a lounge chair screaming answers through a mouthful of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

That said, we should probably cut this kid some slack for guessing the answer to this puzzle was “Magic Hand” since that’s probably how he honestly feels about his overworked northern appendage.

Pat Sajak’s reaction to this young fellow not producing the proper response is priceless (WTF is a fand?) and we should give the kid a round of “magic hands” for not making a break for it once he realized a 2nd grader could have solved that puzzle.

We’re still going to say this isn’t the worst game show fail we’ve ever seen. THIS IS the worst we’ve ever seen.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t think he meant cat.