Babe of the Month may still be raging on, but that doesn’t mean we can forget about all the other hot chicks vying for your attention.

There are six luscious beauties eying the Babe of the Week crown, but it’s up to you to choose. Will it be GuySpeed lover and model Alba Verdugo, the “clumsy Chicago girl” with the big rack (i.e. Wendy Fiore), or will it be one of the other competitors?

There’s also the hot Thailand native Piyanuch Chanphet, international model Joanna Tuczynska, Hooters girl Danielle Houghton, and entrepreneur Amanda Elayne to consider.

We know a lot of boobs can be overwhelming, which is why you should click on each of the babes below to get a closer look at their photo galleries. We wouldn’t want you making any rash decisions.

Alba Verdugo

Wendy Fiore

Piyanuch Chanphet

Joanna Tuczynska

Danielle Houghton

Amanda Elayne

Here’s the deal: At the end of the week, each Babe of the Day will compete for your votes and the winner will become Babe of the Week. Each week’s winner will then face off to become Babe of the Month, and those winners will then duke it out for – you guessed it – the Babe of the Year title. Only those lucky ladies will be inducted into GuySpeed’s Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for the hottest of babes.